13 Reasons Why Season 2 | Reasons why not are always more

Bullying is one of the worst kinds of traumatic things that happen to a teenager in a school. When you reach college or university it is called Ragging. This has been going on from the early ages as a tradition. 13 Reasons why cast focuses on this bullying which takes place in schools around the world.

Hannah Baker a small town girl comes to liberty high. She makes some friends but soon the teenage life catches up and rumors about her are spread by her so-called friends. In high school, everyone wants to be famous, popular and to do that they use weaknesses of other kids. This what even Hannah did, to join a group she also started bullying a girl and calling her names in her old school.

In the popular Netflix series, she explains the 13 Reasons why she wants to commit suicide. The season takes us through journey of what happens to Hannah when she is in Liberty high. The entire season 1  is narrated by Hannah. A lot happens over the season, Justin spreads a picture which tarnishes her image. Then Tyler starts to stalk her, Alex makes a hot/not list and Marcus tries to take advantage of her. She hits rock bottom when Bryce rapes her. When she goes to Mr. Porter to report it, he does nothing about it. This gives Hannah 13 Reasons why she should take her life. Performance of the cast is great and leaves people awestruck.

13 Reasons Why Season 2

Season 2 basically lets everyone tell their side of the story. A lot of things about Hannah are revealed, some true and some not. Clay posts the tapes online which leads to everyone believe that Bryce is a rapist. A place called clubhouse behind the fences of the field is found by Clay. The athletes use this place to party and take semi-nude or nude pictures of girls who are drunk or high. Clay and Tony bring Justin back to the town to prove that Bryce raped Jessica. Season 2 covers a lot of issued that we now face including gun violence, sexual harassment and rape. A warning has been issued by the show that this show might not be suitable some people. Bryce walks away with just 3 months probation at the end of the trial.  A funeral is held for Hannah. The amazing thing that we see in the end is Hannah’s mom bringing a piece of paper that has Reason why not written on it. This is where it gets really emotional as she could only come up with 11 Reasons why not. But everyone should know that there are always reasons why not which are stronger and more important than Reasons Why.