Asphalt Ignition Oven Applications and Characteristics

When paving with hot mix asphalt (HMA), it is very important that properties of the material; being laid down match what is called for in the mix design. It is one of the most fundamental factors to test the asphalt content in the material. There are two popular methods to determine this value.

  1. A solvent in a number of methods to separate asphalt from the aggregate and filler materials
  2. Use an ignition furnace that ignites the asphalt

The asphalt ignition oven automatically determines the asphalt content of paving mixtures. Developed by NCAT (National Center of Asphalt Technology), this furnace is an environment-friendly and cost-effective method for the exact determination of the asphalt content. It removes the cost and safety concerns of using solvent and solvent disposal plagued by other different methods.

The ignition method decreases testing time compared to solvent testing methods and features an electronic balance that automatically monitors sample weight throughout the ignition process and calculates endpoint, saving valuable technician time and increases productivity.

To operate, the oven is pre-heated to the default set point temperature of 538 degrees C, while an asphalt sample is weighed, divided into screened baskets, and placed into the asphalt content oven chamber. The sample weight is entered along with a mix design calibration factor, and the test is started with the push of the button. At completion, the system automatically ends the test and prints the results.

Once the main test is initiated, the furnace door remains locked until test completion, ensuring the operator safety and test integrity during critical burn off steps. The NCAT furnace/oven can be operated in manual mode also. In this mode, the furnace will beep when the endpoint is detected, it will continue to test sequence until the operator presses “stop” to unlock the door and print the results.

The ignition furnace eventually compensates for weight change due to temperature changes and correction factors can be entered to accommodate unique mix characteristics. Endpoint detection of the test cycle can be user programmed.

Now the test results are computed as asphalt content per total weight of the sample. The modular, refractory embedded heating element has an extended service life and easy to replace. An RS-232 port provides data interface with a personal computer for graphics data analysis.

Features of Asphalt Ignition Oven

An Asphalt Ignition Oven has a temperature range of 392 to 1201 degrees C. The ignition oven comes with complete with accessory package AY1087X1. This package includes:

  • 4 baskets
  • 2 trays
  • 2 cover
  • handle, cooling cage
  • insulate plate
  • gloves, face shield,
  • 4 rolls of printer tape
  • balance calibration plate
  • Anderson oil

NCAT ovens are not supplied with power cords and must be hard-wired directly to suitable electrical supply or supplied with a cord and plug by the user.

Asphalt Ignition Oven consists of three parts:

  • Combustion device electric furnace
  • A sophisticated electronic balance measurement integrated with a test control
  • Data processing microcontroller unit

This device weighs about 125kg and can be easily purchased both from online mode, as well as offline mode.

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