Are You Enjoy Camel Safari in Dubai

Camel Safari Dubai

Camel safari in Dubai is the most ideal approach to meander through the endless levels, antiquated religious communities, snow-topped pinnacles, and exuberant streams. You will be amazed to hear that camel safari is performed in the driving rain deserts of Dubai too!

The best time to appreciate camel riding is in the periods of July, August and September.

Vacationers can appreciate the delicate enterprise of camel safari in Dubai. You will get an opportunity to investigate the tough mountain landscape while riding on a camel; which will influence you to feel far separated from the earth.


The camels of Dubai will take you to the high height passes, picturesque valleys, and antiquated exchange courses which associate Himalayan area to China, Tibet and different spots. Before riding on camel, you have to take in the exercise in careful control and get used to the riding on quad bike , dune buggy dubai and developments of camel, when you are on a ride.


The savage and extraordinary picture of this icy leave lays the experience of investigating the delightful scene and section through remote towns. Vacationers can appreciate outdoors in tents, and experience spending the night under the stars!


While riding on camels, you will investigate the beguiling towns of Nubra Valley, an interesting spot. It has the profoundly differentiated the scene, which promptly change from prolific green apricot fields to a dry Saharan Desert-like landscape with snow-topped crests out there.

 Camel Safari in Dubai

In Nubra, you can locate a little populace of the shaggy twofold bumped Bactrian camels, which in the past times were utilized as pack creatures on the Central Asian exchange course. Today guests to Nubra utilize these creatures for going on camel safaris. The primary populace focuses are Deskit and Hunder.


From Leh, you drive to Hunder, and take a camel ride through the sand ridges and beautiful valleys to Diskit, from that point a short ride will take you to Tegger town for another charming camel ride along the stream to Pinchimic.


The all encompassing perspective of the valleys, towns and Buddhist Compass will charm you. Travelers can investigate the town called Panamic – the last leg of Camel Safari.

Camel Ride Dubai

Dubai is outstanding for its unique magnificence, which can be treasured minus all potential limitations with twofold bumped camel ride. It is an affair that you won’t have the capacity to overlook as long as you can remember!

This stunning visit will begin at a young hour toward the beginning of the day from your lodging. We will drive to the betray in a cutting edge auto and you simply need to unwind and appreciate the quad biking dubai ride. This safari divulges the intriguing scene, greenery, fauna and the rich past of Bedouin life. ​


After achieving the forsake, be prepared to encounter the delightful abandon scene from a camel’s back – camels are know as a leave transportation. ​​You can request that your visit manage take some magnificent photographs and recordings of your camel ride, so you can recall forget this extraordinary minutes. You will ride the camel for around 20 minutes and that will be an exceptional memory for you.

. Dubai Desert is one of the spots that you can’t get the opportunity to visit regularly in your life, it is extremely an uncommon shot you will get and you should have it without limitations. Your recollections here ought to be flawless and consistently gleaming in your brain as well. To make your memory amazing we offer you various livens in our Dubai Camel Safari Tour:

Camel ride dubai

Treat Camping


Nightfall photography


Free Henna planning


Free tea, espresso and soda pops constantly


Free Arabic dress photograph shoot in light of accessibility


Hip twirl appear


Tanoura appear


Isolate restroom office



At the point when the sun is going to rise, we will visit the tent set up in the leave and appreciate the morning sparkle of dawn. Amid the dawn you will taste Arabian Coffee (Kahwa) and dates. After dawn you will keep  quad bike riding the camel for around 20 minutes and afterward we will go to the Bedouin camp. There you will have an opportunity to take photographs with hawk, the flying creature that is a fundamental piece of Bedouin life. Your guide will likewise clarify about falconry and its significance in Arabian culture. ​

Camel Safari Dubai