Diplacusis—The Strange World of People with Double Hearing

Diplacusis, also known as diplacusis binauralis, “binauralis disharmonica“ or inter aural pitch difference (IPD) is a type of Hearing Loss in which a person hears the same sound as two separate sounds differently in each ear that may differ in pitch, tone or timing.

For example,

At any given time, our ears are collecting a multitude of noises – dogs barking, birds tweeting, giggling children, the swoosh of a passing car on a nearby highway and Human speaking  – and based on all that incoming information, our brain is making a lot of decisions. And people with Hearing disorder hear sounds so differently it creates a two-sound experience known as diplacusis, sometimes called “double hearing.”

 Diplacusis or Tinnitus are way more similar to each other and In this the person experiences the continous a ringing or buzzing noise in the affected ear. Diplacusis can be categorized as hearing loss disorder in which person do not experience deafness but the uneven hearing loss in both of the ears.

Types of Diplacusis

We can differentiate Diplacusis in four different ways:

  • Diplacusis dysharmonica: In this type, the affected individual experiences uneven pitch in his/her ears, in which one ear has the correct pitch but the other don’t. The uneven pitch results in difficulty to understand the correct words.
  • Diplacusis Binauralis: In this type, the affected person hears the uneven pitch in both of his/hers ear but at different timing.
  • Diplacusis Echoica:  It is an unusual form, the person will hear the same sound repeated like an echo in the same ear. You hear an echo sound of the original sound, which gives rise to the term double hearing.


  • Diplacusis monauralis– The ear hears the same sound as two sounds in the same ear. They may be different pitches or tones and variations in sound.

Causes of Diplacusis

Diplacusis is generally a symptom of unilateral or bilateral hearing loss. Onset is usually sudden and can be caused by exposure to loud noise, an ear infection, an obstruction in the ear canal (such as compacted earwax), or head trauma.  People who develop diplacusis may also notice tinnitus in the affected ear.

Whereas Diplacusis can be taken as the temporary or the permanent Hearing Loss which can be treated with proper medical care but some of the common reason behind this hearing disorder is:

  • ear infection
  • wax build up
  • head trauma
  • damage to the inner ear
  • noise-induced-hearing-loss (NIHL)
  • a number of other health conditions which impact upon hearing.

Treatment for Diplacusis

Treatment for Diplacusis differs from case to case and can be treated after the full painless checkup by the professionals. If the cause of Diplacusis is temporary like Ear infection, wax buildup, then the hearing can be reversible with cleaning up the ear canals by the professionals but the cause of diplacusis is permanent then it can be treated with the help of hearing aids or cochlear implants.

 The treatment of Diplacusis can be treated only by the proper consult of the physicians because if they are not treated well then it can be the reason of lifelong Hearing Disorder.

If you are facing the symptoms of Diplacusis, visit your nearby Health care Professionals and find the suitable action for your problems. To know more about the Hearing Loss and their solutions Visit our Directory.

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