Dubai Drone Taxi Service Will Change Commutation System

Drones are a fantastic invention of the recent decades. These air bound vehicles are not only capable of taking photographs, spying on enemies and dropping the objects to destined places but they can also transport the human being. And, one magnificent example of the drone technology is Dubai drone taxi service, a product which will help in easing the traffic congestion on the roads of the city.

An Overview of Dubai Drone Taxi Service

It was in September 2017 when the news came about an expected Dubai drone taxi service to be launched by the government. According to a media report, this service was powered by the self-driving drone technology and was a dream come true for an ordinary person who wanted to hit the sky.

If Drone taxi service becomes a reality and manages to reach the public, then it will enable people to use a helicopter like service for commutation when required.    

Characteristics of Dubai Drone Taxi Service

According to media reports, Dubai drone taxi is a one-man service capable of taking passengers from one point to another one. It is a Chinese model EHang 184. The model was first unveiled at CES 2016. Initially, the vehicle has a limited capacity, and it can carry a passenger weighing up to 100 kg. The taxi also has a separate compartment for carrying the luggage.

The new drone taxi is an electric vehicle which can travel at the speed of 160km per hour. Further, it can also touch the height of up to 50 km or 31 miles, in a single charge. A remote command center will control the flights and offer the commutation through drone taxi at a speed of 100km/hour.

The service will benefit the users who want to reach any place in time without being restricted by the traffic congestion on the roads.

Enhanced Designs of Drone Taxi Service

Dubai is not the only city which is going to experiment with such a high tech taxi service. The companies like Uber and tech giants including Google are also experimenting with different models to bring in a daily basis air commutation services.

Uber is working with a NASA engineer to bring its model and make its UberAir service available by the end 2020 reportedly. There is also news about the search engine giant Google working on a secret design for a done taxi through a startup called Zee Aero.

Once such designs become practical, they will indeed take the commutation to the next level. The drone taxi service will indeed ease the congestion on roads, but it will pose the threats like air congestion, etc. which of course the companies pursuing such ventures will have to keep in mind.