How To Take Care Of Violets In Your Garden

If you have a garden at home and you want to fill it with flowers, one of the most beautiful are undoubtedly the violets. Which are very easy to take care of and we can even have them inside the house. Fill in the spring, and take care of the explanations that we give below to know how to take care of violets.

What are violets

Belonging to the Violaceae family with member of 806 species in 25 genre. Violets are common in all parts of the world, include around 400 species with an extraordinary variety of colors. The plants, which are delicate and very beautiful, can reach 20 cm in height and grow easily both in pots and in the garden. They are very appreciated because they allow you to create beautiful decorations that adorn different corners of the house, both inside and outside.

Violets are a plant with a delicious aroma, which have oval or heart-shaped leaves of bright green color and flowers with five petals and a lower one. All species of violets bloom in spring and, generally, they stop in the summer season because they start producing seeds for next spring.

Violets require very simple care, but can vary depending on whether we have them inside or outside the house, so let’s see how to take care of the violets step by step.

Tips for taking care of violets

Taking care of any plants require some garden tools & proper knowledge. That finally make you smily when you see around blooming flower & lush green in your garden. Some tools is for pruning, or aeration of soil. Pruning needs a best chainsaws, shears etc.

Violets: flowering and characteristics

The flowering of these small plants begins towards the end of summer and arrives until next spring. As we have mentioned, they are perennial plants that, however, due to the high temperatures tend to ruin easily during the summer. That is why we tend to plant them from year to year. Not having roots too deep, the violets are suitable for pots and, therefore, are an excellent solution for terraces during the winter season.

Violets: temperature

Violets do not fear the harsh winter temperatures; on the contrary, it is much easier for them to die during the summer season. However, try to place your pots in a fairly sunny area during the winter so that they can get the most benefit from the sun’s rays, even in the cold.

Violets: Soil

Violets prefer fertile, well-drained soil. The best thing is to use very large pots that can accommodate a good amount of seed plants to obtain a beautiful pot of violets on your terrace or garden. The violets should be planted very close to one another (although at a distance of about 8cm between each one). You must take special care to avoid stagnating the water, which is very harmful to the plant and can cause problems during winter frosts.

Violets: General care

Violets do not require special care. They are plants that do not fear temperatures too low. They do not need to be watered very frequently. Just make sure you do not leave them without water during very dry periods.