Technological Developments to Improve Performance of Annealing Furnaces

The annealing furnace is the one which is used for transforming and also restoring the metallurgical properties of an element in a temperature controlled environment. It hardens and strengthens the tensile properties of the materials. There are a lot of steel wire annealing furnaces suppliers available in the market who supply furnaces of different sizes and varied properties.

Continuous furnace

Continuous annealing furnaces are the ones which do the annealing tasks by continuous methods maintaining a steady flow of the underlying material. This type of furnace is most commonly used for the annealing of wires and strips. The process has been challenging right from beginning as there are many technical difficulties. Although, long lead times, productivity losses, increased costs, etc. were common in such processes earlier, the recent technological advancements have resulted in the furnaces being operated in batch with much more efficiency.

In a wire plant, annealing is an important process and it improves the functionality of the material in the drawing process. In the traditional methods, electric furnaces were used for annealing aluminum or copper and thus furnaces consumed a good amount of fuel making it an expensive option. Gas fired furnaces came up to draw down the costs. The recent technological advancement has made it possible to meet the ends using the LPG and natural gas in special furnaces. The furnace is lined with it so that it minimizes the heat pass. The heating is done in an automatic manner and the fully automated furnace is used which can control the temperature. Using a gas furnace can help in saving the high grade energy and the quality of each product remains the same, additionally making the product more efficient.

Electric annealing furnace

The electric furnace is designed and constructed so that it can melt the steel. Tests were performed and it was found that it needs 60 minutes of heating of the furnace before melting the cast iron. The furnace is generally handled with the lining in the inner wall of block made from clay, kaolin, water and sawdust that are positioned effectively. Based on tests conducted, it has been observed that the heating rate and fuel consumption is much lower with electric annealing furnaces. It was also seen that the furnace has much better retaining capacity, ease of maintenance and high in terms of safety parameters. The electromagnetically regulated furnace can also be fabricated so that it can improve the mechanical properties and the microstructure of the materials. It also removes the crystal internal stresses and defects.

According to most Steel Wire Annealing Furnaces Suppliers, development of the annealing furnace has resulted into the incorporation of new heating system which gives a new dimension in the field of furnaces. The efficiency has improved to great extent and it has made cost and time effective efforts. There are various forms of furnaces with different kinds of pros and cons and a detailed evaluation and study may be required before purchasing one. Clearly identify your objectives to identify the best type for your needs.