Why Add Video Interviewing to the Recruitment Process?

Job market is highly competitive and in such a competition when it comes to selecting the best ever talent, the task becomes crucial as well as difficult. Fortunately, if you have the right kind of technology that can support your recruitment process, it can help you reveal the best talent out of the crowd.

Video interviewing is such an innovative technology that can help streamline your candidate screening process by boosting your candidate search procedure. With this technology, you can easily spot the most suitable and qualified candidate in a cost effective manner. A video interview platform allows candidates and employers to interact in a wide variety of ways thus making the entire interview much more productive and meaningful.

There are countless benefits of digital interview technology, which you may find interesting and helpful in nature. Let’s explore all of those.

Discrimination Reduced

Technology has the capability to speak about a candidate honestly without any discrimination and that’s what candidates from all categories require. Through a video interview candidates can speak freely and frankly without any fear of discrimination. The biasness more often takes place on the basis of geographical discriminations but thanks to the video interview technology that works best to reduce this.

It Helps Branding

Video interviews also helps employer organizations to market them as a workplace that is friendly, warm, and full of opportunities. Since video interview platforms come with several interview customization options that let employers create a fully customized impression for the candidates. In such an interviewing environment candidates feel more interested and welcome.

Screening is Efficient

One of the best benefits of a video conference interview platform is that, employers can evaluate the answers given by all the candidates on a case-by-case base. Because same questions are asked by all the candidates therefore it becomes quite simple to compare the candidature of multiple candidates with one another. In addition to bringing ease to the evaluation process, a digital interview also eliminates the hassle of scheduling interviews. All this not only saves time but helps in saving big bucks as well.

Collaboration with Panel is Easier

Now with innovative video interview tools, it has become easier for the complete recruitment panel to view and analyse the interviews without the need of being present at the time of interview. Interviews can be recorded easily and the panel can assess the interview whenever they have time.

The job market has grown to a much greater extent. This competition in this market has given rise to such innovative technology that can help save the time, money, efforts, and resources of recruiters as well as the applicants. So, if you are also in hunt of such a valuable tool, consider choosing talkRecruit’s video interview platform.