Why Divorce Is So Hard For Women?

Most of the divorced couples go through a tough adjustment period right after the marriage comes to an official end. It’s important to be attentive to the possible consequences of divorce and to have a realistic vision of the future that is to come. It is only in films that a rich and handsome man appear out of nowhere and give a divorced woman everything she has ever dreamed of and more. In real life, women usually suffer the most from a divorce, both in terms of emotional well-being and quality of life.

Divorce is difficult, it is the most challenging part of anyone’s life, especially women. Let us know why it is harder for women to get through a divorce.

The end of marriage is devastating for both parties. Divorce may leave a woman feeling hurt, lonely, hopeless and unhappy. Whether it was her choice to end the marriage or not, she endures the scars of the broken relationship for a long time. The tensions of being in an unhappy marriage may basically be replaced by worries of different kinds, such as not finding love again or trust a man again, fear of rejection or the struggle to raise her children.

Women go through a lot of emotional distress after the divorce. It is not an easy deal to handle.

  • Financial distress

A woman may suffer financially after divorce, particularly if she was a house-wife and main caretaker of the children. Without her husband’s salary, she will have a lesser amount of money to cover bills and household expenses. According to the survey conducted in the U.S, average divorced women have less money than average married women have. Women generally don’t completely recover from the financial consequences of divorce until they remarry. Financial distress makes them weaker and also make them helpless in many situations. As we all know, money is needed to run a home as well as to take care of themselves. Women barely get any support from the families or friends when it comes to the financial thing.

  • Child custody

After the divorce, the most trying time is fighting for the child custody. It is the most difficult part for any mother.  For a women who is not that financially strong after the divorce, is very difficult for her to maintain her children’s future. A divorced woman has to manage her work as well as the well-being of her children. Kids also sometimes get distracted and negative due to the whole divorce thing. A woman has to cope up with all along with taking care of her children’s happiness Most of the times children also don’t accept the step-father.

  • Social Image

Divorce is a stigma in many cultures and women have to bear the brunt of it. It is easy for a man to remarry but not a woman. The society too is interested in gossiping around about a divorced woman’s life. Her character is questioned and so is her ability to maintain a home. It is less likely that she will even find a loving and caring partner again owing to the stigma attached with divorce.

  • Family Pressures

Women have to face pressure from parents and family, as well.  They treat her as a burden if she does not have an earning source. Not all parents are supportive of their daughter’s decision and take it as a burden.We can say that the situation is a lot better when the divorced daughter is not living with her parents because it could be highly difficult for her to cope up with such pressure


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